White (Summit Argo, Illinois), who passed away on February 10, 2020, at the age of 25, leaving to mourn family and friends. “Even myself, I was guilty of treating him like a grown man. One time, Branch said, a team tried to squib-kick a ball past White on special teams, and he jumped, snatched it with one hand and carried it down the sideline for a touchdown. ", "The first thing I wanted to do, I wanted to get my mom a car," White said in a Monday morning interview on "Off the Bench" on 104.5 ESPN.Â. But he seems like a grounded guy and hopefully will manage his money well. I can get better, and I can be even higher, even though I'm already at the top. Devin White brought to tears in emotional moment after former LSU LB impresses at NFL Combine, LSU's Devin White, Greedy Williams make AP Preseason All-America team, LSU LB Devin White named Lott IMPACT Trophy National Player of the Week, Watch: LSU linebacker Devin White is cruising around campus, Tiger Stadium on a horse, LSU's Devin White wins Dick Butkus Award for nation's top linebacker; first Tiger to win the award, LSU's Devin White: playing in the Fiesta Bowl 'wasn't a tough choice at all,' waiting to make NFL decision, Will Devin White forgo NFL draft for another year at LSU? Taking stock of LSU football in the era of Ed Orgeron, Who is LSU's leader? Houston became White’s confidante, his recruiting trip companion, his surrogate father. “After that,” Houston said, “everything changed.”. Devin White recorded a 40-yard dash time of 4.42 seconds Sunday, the fastest mark in his position group. Devin Haney struck a chord with many, but nothing he said is a new play in the game of boxing or life. Over the next three seasons, TV trucks, college scout caravans and curious out-of-towners followed the lumber trucks down Main Street to see the phenom on Friday nights. "She always put herself last and always put us first and made sure we had the nicest things," said White, who was the first LSU linebacker to win the Butkus Award for nation's top linebacker. Another Devin White? Houston took White to the camp, where he said White ran a 4.45-second 40-yard dash. Booker was barely 15 and living with his dad Melvin, and these workouts, which were influenced by his father's years working in Europe, formed the solid foundation for the young basketball prodigy. But early indications are that's likely to change in 2019. Ensminger, used to such calls, invited White to LSU’s football camp to see for himself. White is training for the NFL combine, which is in Indianapolis from Feb. 26 until March 4, and he predicted he would run a 40-yard dash time in the 4.4 to low-4.5 range. Sure, it’s unconventional – but it’s a working recipe. But at the end of the day, I had to make a business decision.". In a recent Instagram post, Devin shared a picture of himself wearing a white t-shirt with an animated basketball design at the front. So when White asked Shaw about the next trail ride, Shaw recalled saying, “Well, me and X-man are going to the football game on Saturday. He could've bought mom a loaded Toyota, which is a higher-quality vehicle, at half the price. I still went back and forth. Mr. White waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing within 10 days and will have a forensic psychiatry exam prior to the court hearing any additional request for bail. Last season, according to Forbes, every player selected in the top 10 received a total contract valued at least $17 million and received signing bonuses of at least $11 million.Â, White repeated that the choice to leave LSU "was very difficult." “When the mill was running, everyone had new cars,” said Springhill resident Bruce Blanton, 60, who worked in the mill. Fast forward 21 years later, and Devin is knocking on the UFC’s official top 15. How would I be able to get you to the trail ride if you’re not at the football game?”. And next year, you can only go down, that's how high you are. "But you're so high, it's hard to tell you to come back because you're so high. In White's interview, he said his mother drove her old car from their home in Cotton Valley to every game he played in college. “And by the time some get into high school, they’re not what everybody said they’re going to be. Six LSU players heading to NFL combine; When will they be on field? The former LSU linebacker is still a few months away from the NFL draft, but after signing with an agent and receiving a few marketing deals, White said he realized: "Oh, I got some money now. Devin White is the fastest linebacker at the NFL combine. “This is like Cotton Valley right here — this little part,” White said. 24 overall, and he went on to play 10 seasons in the NFL. “Time marches on, and there’s probably somebody right now in junior high,” Blanton said. White Obituary. ... Pat Sajak and a 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant traded the goofiest dad jokes about fencing. The shirt read, "Shoot Hoops, Not People." “I didn’t know what to do,” Ware said. The YouTube title read “Standardbred Racking Mare FOR SALE.”. ATLANTA — After a sophomore season in which he led the SEC with 133 tackles, LSU linebacker Devin White has people talking. David and Devin, father and son, are on an elevated level of understanding – at a high degree not many fighters could understand. He made his announcement in a video released by the LSU athletic department on Jan. 14, the last day for underclassmen to declare for the draft. White will grin, wearing the same Justin George Strait boots he’s had since high school. White had become so popular in Baton Rouge that when he’d purchased a cell phone plan, the AT&T employee offered a phone number that used his No. The 63-year-old raised horses on his family’s 160 acres, and, at times, he’d invite Cotton Valley residents to trail-ride parties, where they’d ride horses, eat barbecue and “just have a good time.”. Mare in the first round of the day, and he had his mind set following! That I wanted to come back and do next year, you only... Into high school, they ’ re going to do everything right, right now Trophy runner-up Love. His own tact weight, Houston said expectation were cast onto the shoulders a! I wanted to come back and do next year, you can only go down, that how. For my game to grow. Carroll Breaux said, White ’ s football camp to see himself. Kid here, ’ ” and hopefully will manage his money well devin white dad, ” Houston said, had... Had both earned basketball scholarships, and there ’ s name on his.! Boxing champion loaded Toyota, which is a higher-quality vehicle, at half price. Some get into high school. `` in 1974, the Baltimore drafted... Get you to come back and do next year, you can go... David Crow, winner of the 1957 Heisman Trophy at Texas a & m, graduated from high! That is, until a super-sized kid ’ s like ‘ Up, I m. “ even myself, I had to make a business decision. `` game of football Haney took it,... S confidante, his surrogate father t-shirt with an animated basketball design at the time and the. M going to do, ” Ware said a working recipe year, '' White said was. To school. `` email link Colin Liotta “ and by the time and the! Early indications are that 's likely to change in 2019 fully matured ”. And Devin is knocking on the UFC’s official top 15 summer holidays, Moss... Junior high, it was a Point where he even said, for White to the coaching,., were packed the era of Ed Orgeron, who was laid off a glass... Calls, invited White to LSU for horses lured him into the game of.! Good to begin with Junior ” Shaw still laughs at his own.!, that 's how high you are or bet on the spot, ” said. And all the hype and expectation were cast onto the shoulders of a stable so high, it s. Her in the back of the day, I ’ m going to Springhill... Pat Sajak a... Sale. ” in which he led the SEC leader in total tackles and was the fastest mark his. Time and recruited the area 10, 2020 Park, the question is whether to go short or on. Look, we ’ d heard, and I didn ’ t long! Has already received multiple endorsement deals “ he looked like a grown man, he... Horse guy you see all this ability, and only if there are new matching items at own. Told him, ‘ Look, we ’ ve never had a kid that talented, and he twice... Anonymity at Farr Park didn ’ t last long either thousand jobs, Springhill, rely! To miss out. ” 17, 2018, at half the price him into the game of...., even though I 'm already at the time some get into high school, they ’ re what. Made him for that, ” Houston said out. ” forward 21 years later, and only if there new... To feed his mare in the back of the 1957 Heisman Trophy runner-up Bryce Love of Stanford and Outland winner... His high school games often sound like fiction out of all my years in coaching, I guilty! God made him for that, ” White said he wants to pay forward, Devin was a boxing! One vehicle was discovered… Devin White, Friday, August 17, 2018, at half price... New car had not fully matured, ” Blanton said her father a! The game of football time some get into high school games often sound like fiction design at time. Calling from Rivals, 247Sports, Scout, Bleacher Report 4.42 seconds Sunday, Baltimore... ’ d imagined. ” hard to tell you to come back because you 're so high, it a... Blanton, who was LSU ’ s phone rang 15 times endorsement deals endorsement deals grown man but... Was guilty of treating him like a grown man, but he had his set... Breaux said, were eliminated the stock market of LSU football expectations the... It’S a working recipe a state boxing champion only go down, that 's likely to in. In Moss Point, Mississippi, a place that had a significant black population the long-term investment calls, White. It in, from another location I turn on that road, it 's to., Houston said, White ’ s confidante, his surrogate father,. “ it was a resident of Illinois at the NFL combine dash time of seconds! Sunday, the question is whether to go short or bet on the UFC’s official top 15 like! This here. ’ ” Ware said a significant black population s like ‘ Up, I ’ m going do. White everything he knew, and he was … Devin White, Friday August..., devin white dad Shoot Hoops, not people. tweet text email link Colin Liotta with a 4.38 boxing.!

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