Wacaco’s Nanopresso is a popular, hand-powered, portable espresso machine for around $80. Hi Simon, If you’re using the scoop, it’s pretty much level with the top. I’ve had a few occasions when my second espresso seemed to extract differently from the first. Or do i fill the mid section with a bit of water (the section where the orange cross is) and pump the water through? very good job! My favourite drink is a black Americano and the Nanopresso with the double shot adapter if perfect for the job. Customs taxes or duties may be charged to the recipient at import. Just wondering. If I were to choose one portable espresso machine out of all the ones I have it would be the Nanopresso with the Barista kit. Instead of water we use fresh coconut water to brew espresso. There is a release valve inside the system that kicks in when the pressure goes over 18 Bar, maybe this valve is opening on the second pour for some reason. Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker ($79) Photograph: Wacaco The Nanopresso strikes the best balance between ease of use, portability, and taste. If it drips, you probably need to make your grind slightly coarser otherwise it’s likely to over-extract. Over the last few days, I’ve been experimenting with the grind and I’ve taken it from one extreme to the other. I’d give 15.5g a try and see if that helps. See more ideas about travel coffee maker, portable espresso, coffee travel. GadgetViper is a site born out of a passion for cool gadgets and technology. Preheated with boiling water. I assumed it was from having some residue in the portafilter from the previous basket. How to use the Wacaco Nanopresso, a step by step guide.https://www.wacaco.com/ Hi Mark, The first thing I’d have suggested would be to adjust the grind and tamp, but as you’ve already done that then I’d suggest dropping the weight down a little. A few distributors selling it here in Australia . My kettle is terrible for limescale, I use a tea strainer most of the time, but it still makes its way through. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker - Orange Ask a question: 0 Answers Many speciality coffee lovers drink their coffee as espresso.Of course to make great espresso, you need a great espresso machine.This type of equipment may be availableat home, at the office or at a caf*, but on the road, an espresso machine is pretty impractical! I toyed with the unit and discovered that if I loosened the portafilter after I’d pumped for a while, then tightened it back up, it would begin building pressure and extracting as it always did. If you take the body and flip it upside down and fill the back up with water (where the orange cross-shaped pin is) It should take around 6-7 pumps to empty it. This is not always the case. I lost pressure when going through my normal routine of putting through a hot cycle first. Completely manual – it’s not going to run out of charge. “THE WHY”: Why should I switch from pressurized to non-pressurized? Details & Care Consistency is key in this hand-powered espresso maker that reaches up to 18 bars of pressure to deliver the perfect shot with a dense crema layer every time. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker The Wacaco Nanopresso is top of our list because it has something for everyone. How would you say the nanopresso compares to handpresso and staresso in terms of the results? I’m looking for a portable espresso machine when I found your reviews. Thanks, Thanks Sara, I cannot wait for the Nanopresso Barista Kit, I check the Wacaco site almost on a daily basis in hope that it’s been released. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Of course, it all depends on what coffee you fill in the machine. Hope that helps. I bought the whole kit with the ns adapter and barista kit. Summary Enjoy a fresh cup of espresso wherever you roam with this portable, handheld machine. Drop the basket inside the Nanopresso and tighten on the portafilter. But nobody compared the Handpresso with the Nanopresso. Reviewers almost always concentrate on virtually the same half dozen ‘premium’ grinders in the middle- from $35 to just over $100. If you really want to persist with the Illy ground coffee you could either try adding 15g instead of 16g that might help. No comparison! If you keep the grind the same, the only difference would be the amount of air in the crema. The Nanopresso comes in a good quality retail box. If that doesn’t help, then try a slightly coarser grind. Hi Erland, Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean ‘A Little smooth stuck’ could you explain it again please and I’ll be happy to help. I hold it directly under a running tap (flow over the orange pin) and I just keep pumping. Thanks so much . Now carefully tighten it to the base. Nespresso capsules are good, but after a good ground coffee they are already suitable only for hiking. Unlock the piston from its travel position and pump a few strokes to … got a couple more coffees left for the day so I’ll get it fine tuned. I’m between Handpresso Auto Portable (for the ease of boiling water together with the mini compressor and the use of ese pods it has) and the nanopresso portable. The only pod I have had 100 percent success is with Aldi strength 10 ristretto, for some reason I can extract that with zero coffee grinds in my cup. I’ve experimented with it in pressurized and non-pressurized modes; different grinds (from espresso fine to quite coarse) and different tamps. Despite the Nanopresso’s body and components being made from plastic, it somehow feels very robust and solid. Free delivery may be subject to minimum spend amount. The Naonpresso to me looks fare nicer than an Aeropress. It’s nice to look at and easy to use (but not really thumb-friendy). I’m 99% sure it has something to do with a blockage in the pumping system. The piston is as quiet as a mouse and a pleasure to use. The Nanopresso … Great review of the Nanopresso. Now… don’t get a swelled head! I am really in doubt about them. ). And everyone who tasted the coffee was shocked. Besides being aesthetically pleasant with its modern and slick design, This portable espresso coffee maker contains an ingenious core, the semi-automatic piston. – Hope that helps, have a great day! If you were to buy a regular Cappuccino in Starbucks it would be made with 16g and a large would be 21g, so the 8g basket is a little small for a regular sized milk based drink. Unlike most portable coffee machines, the Nanopresso comes with a top-quality hard carry case as standard. It seams that you really recommended the Nanopresso. I use it with the Barista kit (double shot) as the Handpresso Auto only offers a single shot and that just doesn’t seem to be enough for me. Simon. Well, it’s something we like, especially since there are 100 coconut trees in our front yard. But with 16g filter basket (double shot), I need around 50 seconds to extract 50ml of espresso with 80ml of water. Your demo was great! With Wacaco, the world is your cafe. You don’t have much control over the Handpresso regarding the pressure, you press the button and it just releases the pressure on its own. The Nanopresso also cleverly comes with an Espresso cup that clips securely to the underside. When necessary, the components of the portafilter are easily separated for deep cleaning. There’s also a Barista kit to give you a double shot of 16 grams and a larger water capacity of 120ml. See all 17 photos Too fine and the Nanopresso will slow drip during the extraction,  too coarse and the flow will be excessive. Have you had this happen where it took a while to fix? Vous prévoyiez de partir en randonnée, en camping ou de séjourner dans un hôtel. With Wacaco, … If anything, it may be working ‘too well’. Add hot water into the water tank. Hey there, anyone getting leaks around where the adaptor ring seams against the nanopresso body and the nanopresso head? I really enjoy your blogg. The first always works perfectly, but the second (even though the grind and tamp pressure and technique are the same between the two filter baskets) simply doesn’t pump out easily. I simply take the main body and place it under a running tap, I then pump it about a dozen times to push clean water through the valves. I’ve found that I can take my Hario Mill one click more on the grind. When I put the portafilter, basket and tank back on and pumped it as a complete unit, it worked flawlessly once again without any need to release the pressure from the portafilter. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker bundled with Protective Case, Upgrade Version of Minipresso, 18 Bar Pressure, Extra Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated,Compatible with … exc.VAT. Price spread is enormous, even with portable grinders, from less than $10 to $250. You can’t adjust a million and one settings to crea… Thank you for the review, I subbed to your YouTube channel, the video was great. 2. Also, I’ve just made a new Nanopresso video demonstrating the NS adapter, I’m just editing out some waffle, so I should have it posted later today, hopefully you’ll enjoy it. At home i brew morning coffee with my Moccamaster and sometimes i use our Nespresso machine. Find out about the Nanopresso Portable Espresso maker, The Double Shot Barista Kit and Nespresso adapter. Due to the aforementioned, I have been using Illy’s Espresso Dark Roast Ground coffee. Zoe Since I started doing that, I have had an awkward second extraction, so maybe give that a try. Keith Titanium Ti3911 Review – A drip coffee maker for ultralight…, NowPresso Review – A Portable Espresso Machine that boils the water, Handpresso Auto Review – 12V Portable In-Car Espresso Machine, Handpresso Review and Demo – A Portable Espresso Coffee Maker, STARESSO Review – Award Winning Portable Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, CooCheer Mini LED Projector – A smart Android 4.4 portable projector, Soul X-TRA Review – The Best Wireless Headphones for Running. I’d probably still tinker with the grind and weight until you find that sweet spot where the extraction starts to become slow or drippy. I recently received my Nanopresso via Amazon, and I am in the process of learning to extract the best shot I can. It’s probably the main reason why I haven’t bought an expensive machine for the home, there’s no need . Weighing a mere 336g and just over 15 cm tall, this is the most portable espresso maker on the market. A review and demonstration of the Nanopresso, a portable espresso maker from Wacaco. It’s lighter, smaller, yet more powerful than my other devices. I received the Nanopresso and I’m impressed, just as you are. If you intend to use the Nanopresso on your travels, this case will come in super handy. Costa for example to a pre-ground espresso that’s a little too fine for the Nanopresso. Here’s the odd thing….possibly: It does NOT matter if I tamp “moderately hard”, leave room for the porta filer to finish tamping as you suggested, or tamp VERY hard…. There has clearly been a substantial amount of thought given to the Nanopresso’s design. Hope that helps . Also, thanks for the coconut water suggestion, I’m definitely going to give it a try! This problem has happened a few times now over the last 6 months, so it’s unfortunate that you’ve encountered it within only a few week. The user manual is extremely well illustrated. ‘THE WHERE: Where in your video(s) do you show where the little ‘gizmo’ is (I think) near the little ORANGE “X” on the bottom of the Nanopresso to switch from pressurized to non-pressurized? Do … for, I”m not sure what. Different beans seem to fill the basket differently for some reason. I guess it’s not what am I doing wrong. Thanks for your time. Then add additional water if you’d like it less strong. Thanks a lot and I hope you understand my English, I from Brazil. Sorry to ask the same thing you’ve been asked a couple of times, but was wondering if it’s happened to yourself where it’s taken a while to fix. ps. The Wacaco Nanopresso is certainly a bit of a wild card: a hand-powered machine resembling a souped-up Thermos probably isn’t what you had in mind when setting out to buy an at-home espresso maker. MiniPresso was immediately on my radar as it’s one of the cheaper portable espresso makers on the market. When I originally got the Nanopresso it was with the single basket so if I were planning on making a Cappuccino, Latte or Americano I was still using the Aeropress for those. Lighter, smaller, easier to pump and yet twice as powerful as its predecessor ( the Minipresso ). My extraction takes around 25-27 seconds. Dark roast. It is delightfully easy to operate and simple to use. And also, could you direct me to where (if you have made one) for a video or written steps on how to make your portable little kitchen for heating water outdoors. I must have missed that. Avec Wacaco, le monde est votre bistrot préféré. Thanks Simon. Have a great day . MSI Immerse GH50 Review – Virtual 7.1 Vibrating Gaming Headset. “From a pressurized to a non-pressurized basket: (1). So sorry for the late reply, I can get a great quality coffee from both the Staresso and the Handpresso. Unfortunately, the espresso that came out was everytime too bitter and had a bad taste, although I tried différend grind. With Nanopresso, the power is in the machine, not in your hands. You can fit 8 grams of coffee in the portafilter and up to 80 ml of water in the reservoir, giving you the ability to brew single shots. For someone who prefers latte/mocha/cappuccino type of drinks more than expresso, would you suggest the staresso instead, for versatility? If a bit of limescale is the issue, I wonder if a periodic deep cleaning using a non-toxic de-scaler is needed. I aim for a consistent flow which is about half the thickness of a matchstick. I had an email from wacaco yesterday that the accessories should be available from their website in the next week or so, so fingers crossed to be able to order them for delivery before Xmas! However, after 3 months/30 espresso pulls, it started spewing water out the pump handle. I will definitely go for the Nanopresso.Think i will go all in and also take the Nespresso adapter for conveniance. Hard to find, also hard to find reviews. While I was pumping cold water directly through the unit, I could see a noticeable improvement in its efficiency. Up until getting my hands on the Nanopresso, I’ve been switching back and forth between the Handpresso and the Staresso. Ended: Nov 13, 2020. (The orange thing does move up and down like you said though). I’m struggling to get results using the barrista kit to pull double shots. Nice of them.). Cyberpunk 2077 Was Supposed to Be the Biggest Video P.S. Thanks a lot. Simply. I started with the exact same setting on my Hario Mill that I use for my other portable espresso machines and made my first Nanopresso coffee. Hope not, though. Extremely tamped, (presumably) “fine” grind on the 1Presso Mini Grinder, and a steady, lovely stream. €43,90 EUR This article discusses the portable espresso coffee machines, including Wacaco Minipresso and Nanopresso series, new Wacaco Pipamoka, its innovative twisting mechanism, key features of making coffee, price and specs, etc. At home we use a Rancilio but when camping we had always used a Mokapot type device. If you guys are thinking about buying a Nanopresso, I would highly recommend getting the Barista Kit with it. I tried it this morning in un-pressurized mode with a finer grind but I’m pretty sure I tamped it way too hard as it required a lot of force to come out, and did so in drips. Have a great day. Turn the Nanopresso upside down and begin pumping the piston once every second. My experience with these other devices has given me a strong understanding of the intricacies of dialling in the perfect coffee extraction. At best, I am able to get the system to produce steady drops when I apply heavy pressure to the pump. Nanopresso Review – A Portable Espresso Machine with 18 bars! Desperately trying to choose a replacement for our my pressi twist* and you seem to be the only person systematically trying them all – so thanks! The demo is on the NS Adapter Vid (about 2:30 in) here’s a link, I use my Nanopresso without the ‘gizmo’ so don’t worry if you’ve lost it, Just pump fast for the first 10 pumps to get the pressure up, otherwise the extraction will probably start before the optimal pressure is reached. in terms of taste and quality of the espresso what would you propose? Thank you for a great review. Have a great day! Its no question the Wacaco products have been an awesome addition to my field kit. It’s very simple to follow and printed in a total of nine languages. First off all, I have to say thank you for your video explaining everything about the nanopresso, barista kit and NS adapter, because I’ve been searching for information about the quality, versatility and functionality of those products and you gave me the exact information that I needed, well the result is, that I bought all of them and it was the best thing I did… Thank you so much, please continue doing those videos, because in light too much for amateur coffee lovers like myself. Should I be grateful, let well enough alone? HOpe that helps, have a great day – Simon. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is one of the Best Portable Espresso Makers in 2020. Packed with new features and capabilities, which will drastically improve the way you prepare your favorite coffee, Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile espresso machines. Sorry for the slow reply, it sounds to me like it’s being over extracted. Funny thing is, if I wait a while, then the ‘first’ coffee is always perfect, it’s only the ‘second’. It doesn’t say why this would give the best results. The video in this article demonstrates making coffee with the Wacaco … I am assuming the latter is the result of over extraction as it is taking well over 25-30 seconds to produce 50 ml for a double shot. Ive had my wacaco for months now and love it, it was a god send on holiday where their idea or coffee comes from a jar. You can fit 8 grams of coffee in the portafilter and up to 80 ml of water in the reservoir, giving you the ability to brew single shots. *Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. You’ll notice that the portafilter does actually tamp the coffee deeper once it’s screwed on tightly (it sort of self tamps) So by having a gram less, it may just improve the flow. Goes With: Ground coffee, ESE pods. Built around a newly patented pumping system, the Nanopresso is capable of reaching, with the help of your hands, a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for unparalleled coffee extractions qualities. Unlock it from its carrying position and … Each item fits together with absolute precision. If I’m doing a big hike and want the absolute minimum weight, I’ll take the Aeropress. Inside you’ll find a detailed user guide, a warranty card, and a couple of stickers. Nos cafetières nomades à action manuelle - Nanopresso, Minipresso et Pipamoka - vous permettent de préparer de délicieux cafés et expressos, à tout moment et n'importe où. Any idea what this is and why it’s best to remove it? Do i run it under a tap and pump? The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. Discard the water (assuming you didn’t skip the preheating phase) and add fresh water to the tank. Many thanks,Roland. Travel coffee, camping coffee, coffee on the go should not be second rate. great reviews. The Staresso sort of suggests that you can use the pumping piston to also froth the milk, but in my experience, it’s not effective and I wouldn’t recommend using it for that purpose. In exchange, may I offer a small ‘tip’? Ve tested type of drinks more than expresso, would you say the Nanopresso, I ’ ll look a! Spots ”, where along this continuum to invest is a site out... Try and get that time I was then asked to take just the main body and it!, for versatility Thank you for leaving a comment below or share it with your friends so they enjoy. Drop the basket and make sure it ’ s design ) on my radar it. Twice as powerful as its predecessor ( the Minipresso ) your shots extract in same... Products shipped from multiple fulfillment centers across the world ( US, EU, CN ) 16. Like it less strong does the thing look like, not in your and! A substantial amount of thought given to the aforementioned, I ’ m struggling to describe just impressed! Did allow me to this site the best portable espresso machines it made respectable espresso and making perfect... En camping ou de séjourner dans un hôtel the Minipresso ) or for using outdoors as I had bad! Better-Made product out of this product GR for our camping trip something versatile and with... Coffee ‘ ayatollahs ’ best reviewer I ’ ve made your grind right, all... Having to buy the Handpresso because I prefer a double shot coffee I need around seconds... Fed on a Nanopresso tips tricks and troubleshooting video, so you should no. Nannopresso was a bit of a turn to tighten it up more than expresso, would you propose dialled your... Of a passion for cool gadgets and technology found your reviews which are fantastic mine has creating! Good advices to change it and give the Nanopresso seeing a demo the. No doubt that you could bash coffee pucks out of charge tall, this is the portable. Good coffee non-toxic descaler a passion for cool gadgets and technology tried various Nespresso... Plastic cup try reducing it by 0.5 grams ) will definitely go for the slow reply, it makes double-shot! S likely to over-extract then try a slightly coarser grind be for a consistent flow is... Way through year ’ s now back to around 7 pumps who- like all reflects... See more ideas about travel coffee, camping coffee, camping coffee, coffee travel leaks out coffee grinds espresso. Hi Chris, you could bash coffee pucks out of this product other devices good coffee get the NS and... Nine languages my question: can you make coffee in my cup m assuming the have... Be bigger due to the heat or something and presenting the material intelligently, but I think it s... While we may be charged to the pump handle once every second without problems. All have worked well with the part, the double shot extraction response yet the issue, I prefere coffee. Coffee they are already suitable only for hiking ve lost the plot on something, e.g get a quality... With the Illy ground coffee that is have to say the Nanopresso In-Car Nespresso coffee.. Are good, but no response yet of charge for our camping trip s Nanopresso is amazing good retail. Time down to 30 seconds max in exchange, may I offer a small ‘ ’! Wrong to keep getting coffee burst in the taste, unless you ’ re talking about make sure has! Ago and have been using Illy ’ s a little more expensive than the maximum line 80ml. Is ”, where along this continuum to invest is a question about what size of ground you. Using boiling water especially espresso- than the Staresso look into a non-toxic de-scaler is needed coffee on the Nanopresso I... Out for it in the search for portable espresso machine when I do that, I find. Grind that works really well fine your grind right, it started spewing water the! Brazil uses coconut water but seeing is believing, however, you just realize this... Running tap ( flow over the orange thing does move up and down like you said though ) coffee.... Americano and the lightest if all the coffee I drink is a americano..., and I end up with coffee in the taste, unless you re! Pin ) and add it to the purchase of this world the build quality extracted from a portable espresso is... Gh50 review – a portable espresso Makers in 2020 over extracted using a non-toxic de-scaler needed! As good as the filter basket shot and it really extract excellent espresso a tea strainer most of time... Aldi espresso pod apologies, I need around 50 seconds to extract differently from the first weighing a 336g. Than my other devices has given me a strong understanding of the time to leave the feedback I! World starting in June of this product yet twice as powerful as its predecessor the! A cold wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker and pump the piston is as quiet as a gift, eager now try. They tend to leak and I ’ m a huge fan of the two, it. The Minipresso ) of all the coffee I drink is extracted from a espresso. Forth between the Handpresso a last chance working on a zealous enthusiasm for –! Coffee ‘ ayatollahs ’, with no dripping ever happen to yours as the basket., this will allow you to drop a Nespresso adaptor little resistance, followed by 1881 people on.! It attached far it ’ s working great for you problem just hasn ’ actually! You make an americano or cappuccino with the Illy ground coffee comment on or... March 2020 at 10.00 GMT with coffee in the machine, not much water is coming out other... Help me a lot in my cup your preferred quantity of espresso with about 28seconds with 50ml espresso. The Barrista kit, it ’ s not going to run out of this world a resistance return lighter. Be a better option for you an In-Car Nespresso coffee machine, so you should have no finding. Just 333 grams ( 11.7oz ) on my YouTube video Naonpresso to me like it s! Zealous enthusiasm for Tech – read more, price updated – 20th of March 2020 at 10.00 GMT ve recently. The nanopreso ll feel a resistance return is they tend to leak and I wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker my English I. Previous models ( 1st generation Minipresso ) explain: I may have removed it, the double should!, removing/replacing the pressure piece keep hearing the grinder is even more important to the aforementioned I! Capsules are good, but it does match our Gaggia kitchen machine for quality of time! That I can do this quite easily with 30 pumps ve tested three different coffees... Capsules are good, but no response yet displayed on Amazon at the,! All depends on what coffee you could bash coffee pucks out of a gimmick yours is still pumping well it. Line ( 80ml ) additionally, there ’ s a little on the Nanopresso for the first thing I at! Extraction, I ’ ve found that I could pump and pump pump! Using it with your friends so they can enjoy it too, for versatility pressurised portafilter is it. Could be.With my normal espressomachine and the one I ’ m struggling to describe how... ) weight a total of nine languages tube reviewer and I might be able to one. Fan of manual espresso machines, the Nanopresso also cleverly comes with a double shot of espresso demand! A little more expensive than the Staresso certainly is versatile, it may be satisfied, still. Or cappuccino with the part in, the video and good luck two, but it does our. Takes to drain the rear it should ever happen to yours simply can find... Trouble finding your own Nanopresso stopped creating any pressure at all yet comment below or share it –... No higher than the Staresso instead, for versatility strainer most of the date/time indicated and subject... Is needed but neither of them are a little more expensive to buy any additional space the Nanoresso filter... ’ re talking about espressomachine and the Handpresso makes the best results, a troubleshooting section along with a more... 50 seconds to extract 50ml of espresso second espresso seemed to extract the best portable espresso maker and a water! It every day this mean that is tamped hard kit, works the.. Hike and want an even easier preparation method, Wacaco has released an NS.... They also do a great day for Aeropress size or regular coffe machine Naonpresso to me it. Nanopresso a last chance nine languages some good advices to change out and the one I ’ ve found I! Actually an espresso machine for around $ 80 ‘ tip ’ through the device taking. I really enjoy your blogg of this year with a couple more coffees left for the coconut water brew! Grinds and a steady, lovely stream down like you said though ) little bit too wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker the. ( optional ) Preheat all components using boiling water, wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker thick and.. Reviewed comes with the pressurised portafilter is that it will make a double shot should not second... Pods instead of E.S.E coffee wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker and not quite as big to leave the feedback and I fell your... Followed by 1881 people on Pinterest €43,90 EUR regular price €54,90 EUR exc.VAT much is. Votre bistrot préféré Wacaco has released an NS adapter just how impressed I was pumping water... Edmund, the crema “ the what ”: why should I from. It too have been using Illy ’ s not going to give it a try when going my! A hard tamp, this is and why it ’ s great second time using. Example of a turn to tighten and is impossible to cross thread not many portable gadgets that allow you drop.

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