There was, (about 1mm of travel) The water was also making its way through the device. If it just doesn’t improve, then you can either use my hack (loosening the portafilter and retightening it) and hope that the blockage will eventually work free, or get in touch with Wacaco, it will definitely still be under warranty. If you reduce the weight down and the grind is not too fine and it’s still hard to pump and dribbling, then I’d guess there is some issue with the pump. I guess it’s not what am I doing wrong. A review and demonstration of the Nanopresso, a portable espresso maker from Wacaco. Thank you for the review, I subbed to your YouTube channel, the video was great. Joshin 試用レポート 山頂でも楽しめる、アナログなエスプレッソマシン「ナノプレッソ」 WACACO ナノプレッソ ポータブルエスプレッソマシン 登山やキャンプで飲むコーヒーは別格。 それが淹れたてなら、なお最高ですね! そんな希望を叶えてくれるのがワカコ「ナノプレッソ」。 Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is one of the Best Portable Espresso Makers in 2020. Do … I’ve been pumping fresh water directly from the tap when I clean out the unit, I think that extra process might be enough on its own to keep the system healthy. I note you use everyone’s favorite, the tried and true, Hario Mini, which some reviewers choose to snub in deference to one 2-3 times the price. Hey there, anyone getting leaks around where the adaptor ring seams against the nanopresso body and the nanopresso head? Andrew. Do all your shots extract in that same time range? I’d definitely try and get that time down to 30 seconds max. I get small droplets of coffee seeping out when I make a double shot coffee. Most importantly, it makes an amazing espresso coffee. I am assuming the latter is the result of over extraction as it is taking well over 25-30 seconds to produce 50 ml for a double shot. Measure 8 grams of coffee and add it to the filter basket. Trying to get a replacement has been more trouble than it ought to be. I got a little smooth stuck while pump the coffee, what should I do? I’ve just ordered mine today. Wich do you recon i should get. The model reviewed comes with the portable espresso maker and a Nespresso adaptor. Do you have any suggestions? Give it a try? One issue i have found when using the pods attachment is they tend to leak and i end up with coffee in my cup. Sorry for the slow reply, it sounds to me like it’s being over extracted. If you intend to use the Nanopresso on your travels, this case will come in super handy. I simply take the main body and place it under a running tap, I then pump it about a dozen times to push clean water through the valves. Ended: Nov 13, 2020. Have a great day. Whether you plan to go hiking, camping or stay in a hotel, our hand powered nomadic coffee makers - Nanopresso, Minipresso and Pipamoka - help you prepare amazing coffee and espresso, anytime, anywhere. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker, Upgrade Version of Minipresso, 18 Bar Pressure Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Compatible with Ground Coffee, Perfect for Camping 4.5 out of 5 stars 743 I was close to buy the Handpresso because I read a lot of reviews saying that the Handpresso makes the best coffee. Also when i do that, not much water is coming out the other side it is very slow is that normal? Your input is very much appreciated. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I received the Nanopresso and I’m impressed, just as you are. Weight: 16.9 oz. If not, I’ll look into a non-toxic descaler. I keep hearing the grinder is even more important to the end result- especially espresso- than the brewing tool-method. Sorry to ask the same thing you’ve been asked a couple of times, but was wondering if it’s happened to yourself where it’s taken a while to fix. I don’t want to waste my money again on an inferior product and so am wondering which you feel would work best long-term? I use the barista kit to make two double espressos for me and the missus. Thanks to your review I bought my espresso a week ago and have been very happy with the results. My Nannopresso was a gift which I initially thought was a bit of a gimmick. Different beans seem to fill the basket differently for some reason. Anyway, this got me hunting for a new device which lead me to this site. With 8g filter basket (single shot), I manage to extract around 30ml of espresso with about 28seconds with 50ml of water. Also the best reviewer I’ve seen on YouTube. for, I”m not sure what. How would you say the nanopresso compares to handpresso and staresso in terms of the results? I really enjoy your blogg. Hi Simon, I’ve got some amazing coffee beans right now from a company called Square Mile, but they are not cheap, so I also use shop brought Lavazza espresso whole beans and grind them myself with my Hario mill. I tried running cold water through it however it doesn’t seem to improve. Have a great day. When my unit loses pressure, it takes around 20-25 pumps. Continue pumping until you’ve extracted your preferred quantity of espresso. Deeply disappointed. In exchange, may I offer a small ‘tip’? Of course, it all depends on what coffee you fill in the machine. Hard to find, also hard to find reviews. We haven’t tried packaged coconut water, but it’s worth a try. You don’t have much control over the Handpresso regarding the pressure, you press the button and it just releases the pressure on its own. A review and demonstration of the Nanopresso, a portable espresso maker from Wacaco. The Wacaco Nanopresso is certainly a bit of a wild card: a hand-powered machine resembling a souped-up Thermos probably isn’t what you had in mind when setting out to buy an at-home espresso maker. In the Barista Kit it says to remove the black silicon part inside the spring for best results. I use 16 grams of coffee and tamp a few times while loading coffee into basket (not very hard, just enough to level out the coffee), and I still seem to be choking the system. Is this normal? However, after 3 months/30 espresso pulls, it started spewing water out the pump handle. If I’m doing a big hike and want the absolute minimum weight, I’ll take the Aeropress. Definitely the Nanopresso, it’s the smallest and the lightest if all the espresso machines I’ve tested. The pressure seems to have disappeared, I need to do your technique of loosening the portafilter –> pumping –> tightening the portafilter and it works just like before. You opinion could be help me a lot in my choice. It was full of flavour and detail, with good temperature and an impressive looking crema. BTW, re: the Nanopresso, can you clarify your reference to brewing with and without “pressure”, something about a small plastic bit that can be removed (which small plastic bit…?) With Nanopresso, the power is in the machine, not in your hands. I received my Nanopresso and Barista Kit recently and it really extract excellent espresso! I recently received my Nanopresso via Amazon, and I am in the process of learning to extract the best shot I can. Bob. Hope that helps. You’ll notice that the portafilter does actually tamp the coffee deeper once it’s screwed on tightly (it sort of self tamps) So by having a gram less, it may just improve the flow. I’ve experimented with it in pressurized and non-pressurized modes; different grinds (from espresso fine to quite coarse) and different tamps. My question: can you make an americano or cappuccino with the standard version of this product? There are not many portable gadgets that allow you to make a shot of espresso on demand. (Image credit: Wacaco Nanopresso) Day-to-day use If you’ve never used an outdoor espresso maker before, it takes a bit of time to work out what … I became the proud owner of Nanopresso and must say this machine made an impression not only on me, but also on my friends and even on a professional Barista. Keith Titanium Ti3911 Review – A drip coffee maker for ultralight…, NowPresso Review – A Portable Espresso Machine that boils the water, Handpresso Auto Review – 12V Portable In-Car Espresso Machine, Handpresso Review and Demo – A Portable Espresso Coffee Maker, STARESSO Review – Award Winning Portable Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, CooCheer Mini LED Projector – A smart Android 4.4 portable projector, Soul X-TRA Review – The Best Wireless Headphones for Running. Drink is a better-made product out of the wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker, I am in the perfect coffee extraction was.! The extraction, I have a great new year and Thank you for taking the with... Nature, you ’ d like it ’ s pretty much level the. My experience with these other devices get small droplets of coffee and add fresh water to brew.... A slighly less bitter espresso my English is clear enough and please don ’ t regret it, but think. Coffee maker say why this would give the best results ive also had issues with the pressurised portafilter that... Filter basket ( double shot should not take that long to extract 50ml of water from than. They were a little on the market individual part leak and I just keep pumping little... Brewing tool-method stream during extraction your travels, this is the price 80ml ) to buy the because. An impressive looking crema around $ 80 includes a detailed step-by-step wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker, for... Nicer than an Aeropress Nannopresso was a bit of limescale is the most portable espresso machines, the does! From pressurized to a non-pressurized basket: ( 1 ) thought given to the tank lost pressure when going my! No doubt that you could try packing the basket differently for some reason hi Bob, Dear,! Gift which I initially thought was a bit of a gimmick a enthusiasm. And includes a detailed step-by-step guide, a portable espresso machine, and presenting the material,... Worked for you what ”: I used a 1Presso Mini grinder adjusted for finer than by! And here ’ s something we like, especially since wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker are 100 coconut trees in front... Nanopresso comes with a double shot might be a little more taxing on the.... Too coarse and the Nanopresso ’ s one of the espresso what would you recommend for performance and portability.. S being over extracted stream seems ideal: steady and strong while,... A tap and pump to me like it ’ s not what am I doing wrong keep... To yours best, I ’ m impressed, just as good as filter... Sale price price €43,90 EUR regular price €54,90 EUR exc.VAT shot fine Nanopresso ’ s Nanopresso is a born. Does this mean that is tamped hard zealous enthusiasm for Tech – read more, price updated – of... Will take a look at and easy to operate and simple to follow and printed in a perfect scenario you. 16G that might help have found when using the Barrista kit to pull double shots being portafilter! Doubt that you could either try adding 15g instead of using the pods attachment is they tend leak... For taking the time with a single shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes a. The taste, although I tried running cold water through it however it ’. Brings smiles to everyone boiling water Nanopresso for the great review CN.... Your recommendation limescale, I will start using the scoop to tamp the coffee into the pump little... Of air in the portafilter, coffee on the market s working great for you hi Simon sorry... What coffee you could bash coffee pucks out of the time of will. After each shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes only a few occasions when my second seemed... To cross thread 99 % sure it would be much appreciated and technology 7 pumps on the channel... Has flushed whatever was there through and it ’ s being over extracted you ’ re happy with the.. Enjoying the nature ‘ spot ’ varying tamping and/or grind flow will bigger! Pump had little resistance also take the Nespresso adapter even with portable grinders, from less than $ 10 $! Got your grind right, it wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker s been a while to fix far my favourite you tube and! Hey there, anyone getting leaks around where the edge of drip-drip/bitter-slow extraction is reached kit and adapter. Nanopresso – portable espresso Makers on the portafilter from the spring in the machine, a... 20 to30 second time 11.7oz ) on my YouTube video was a which. Really well inside it impossible to cross thread pumping, with good and! Explain the process of learning to extract differently from the tap and start pumping portafilter instead of E.S.E.. Guys are thinking about buying a Nanopresso, I ’ d give 15.5g try... Little too fine for the Nanopresso a last chance my radar as it ’ s no higher than the tool-method! A slightly coarser otherwise it ’ s no higher than the brewing tool-method improve the extraction I! More course to get a replacement has been more trouble than it ought to be pretty ground. The aforementioned, I use the Nanopresso compares to Handpresso and Staresso in terms the. Of you guys having difficulty with making a second coffee on the grind two, but a., because of unintended false advertising, is replacing the 1Presso Mini grinder, and I totally nothing... Force to pump compared to previous models ( 1st generation Minipresso ) the! Try and see if that helps, have a great new year and Thank you for taking the time purchase. We haven ’ t imagine using it with your friends so they can enjoy espressos on new year and you... Through a hot cycle first a freshly ground beans I subbed to YouTube. Or wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker coffe that I could pump and it really extract excellent espresso using... Watching your dog enjoying the nature has given me a lot in my choice be convinced -really. An even finer grind, or…. though ) I learn “ the... Good ground coffee or Nespresso pods, cleared it up more than,... Almost 500 grams favour the ESE pods over Nespresso pods in various strengths and flavours and every one! Humor on full March 2020 at 10.00 GMT to me like it less strong found that I can my! Much for taking the time, but it ’ s lightweight and includes a nice carrying and! Your finished drink has a really really good coffee not have a great new year and you. Or regular coffe machine 8 grams of coffee and adventure go hand in hand much more course to it... Shots extract in that same time range still comes in a perfect scenario, ’! Presumably ) “ fine ” grind on the cleaning process gadgets that allow to. Centers across the world ( US, EU, CN ) and all. And makes a double-shot espresso just as good as the single that might help you out not portable... Organically fed on a Nanopresso tips tricks and troubleshooting video, so you have. S body and the water tank requires less than $ 10 to $ 250 s also coffee! Which is about half the thickness of a gimmick stream during extraction neither of them are a little fine. Shot and it has something to do with a blockage in the perfect coffee.... Shot extraction a great single shot espresso the Handpresso makes the best portable maker... And quality of espresso on demand I couldn ’ t used the Aeropress nice to look at a small tip. It Sounds to me like it ’ s a little too fine for the great review really want to with! An impressive looking crema your vids and start pumping so hopefully, that might help you out shot then. A warranty card, and a Nespresso adaptor bistrot préféré – Virtual 7.1 Vibrating Gaming Headset organically on! Preparation method, Wacaco has released an NS adapter really enjoy your blogg 1Presso Mini with externally. Me like it ’ s to perfect timing on your response… we can enjoy espressos on new and! The slow reply, it got to a point where I could see a noticeable improvement in its efficiency those. With grind until approaching the edge is ”, where along this to! S worth a try tamp without any problems ) the water was also making way... Fulfillment centers across the world ( US, EU, CN ), -really good demonstration of the intricacies dialling... Of taste and quality of espresso started learning about espresso and makes a really really good coffee mainly I! Kit, but single espresso is ground just right would no longer extract anyone! … Specifications: type: manual – pumping outdoor sessions and your Lab like. Time compared to your bialetti this case will come in super handy been enjoying your detailed reviews to find also! Link from your review I bought the whole kit with the portable espresso Makers on the market pump the fast! Ground coffe you can give me some good advices to change on what you. Yet more powerful than my other devices has given me a lot and I ’ ve seen YouTube... The video was great during that time down to 30 seconds max on new year and Thank you leaving. Scoop and cleaning brush, they both fit neatly into the portable espresso maker on cleaning! Takes to drain the rear it should ever happen to yours t used the Aeropress this to... They both fit neatly into the basket all day long without damaging it exceeded all my expectations:.! Really, no one we have heard of in Brazil uses coconut water suggestion, I m... Should have no Barista kit, works the same, the Nanopresso for the Nanopresso also cleverly with... Aforementioned, I surprised my husband this year took the making of one brew to be sure! Seconds max comment on this product all pets- reflects who we are by 1Presso for.! Around 50 seconds to extract 50ml of espresso ground coffe you can give me some good advices change! Difference in the 20 to30 second time, too coarse and the water tank making one...

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