If you’ve been thinking about how to get into UPenn, you probably have specific reasons for wanting to apply to UPenn in the first place. When and how can governments intervene in trade policy for humanitarian ends? When they ask you to talk about your major within one of the four schools — Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, and Wharton — you should realize that you are not necessarily talking about these schools in general. Almost 93% of applicants got rejected last year. I was sorely disappointed and decided to study extra hard, and made it a goal to become accepted the second time around, the traditional way. Check out our College Application Boot Camp. You can form your own club, lead your local community in voluntary drives, and even start own nonprofit. Perhaps you are the one in your family that eagerly assembles Ikea furniture, or are an avid fan of Lego. Here, admissions officers want to see that your problem-solving style demonstrates leadership/creativity. ( SOURCE ) As you can see in the graphic, the acceptance rate at UPenn has gradually gone down over the last seven years. in International Studies from the School of Arts and Sciences and a B.S. Penn is the largest school in the nation with a program of this kind. As you write this essay, you should also find space to mention how you have been studying the Chinese language for the last three years and expect to continue studying it at Penn. Another way to give your essay focus is to talk about an issue that you have some kind of connection to or interest in because of your own history or experience. This experience can include but is not limited to observation in a private practice, dental clinic, or hospital setting; dental assisting; dental laboratory work; dental or medical research, etc. Who uses them? In brief, the seven topic options include: When you fill out the Common App, you’ll also complete UPenn’s writing supplement. As you can see in the graphic, the acceptance rate at UPenn has gradually gone down over the last seven years. You will also need to pay a $75 application fee. (400-650 words), NETS: The Rajendra and Neera Singh Program in Networked and Social Systems Engineering: Describe your interests in modern networked information systems and technologies, such as the Internet, and their impact on society, whether in terms of economics, communication, or the creation of beneficial content for society. The median SAT range is 1440-1550. Browse their website for student organizations to see how you can continue your current activities in college. This makes the specialized options ultra competitive! Biol 205 and 221 are recommended intermediate courses, as they provide a strong general background for dental education. What those conversations led me to think about was that I was ultimately less interested in the detailed lab research that Dr. Lee focused on, and more committed to developing new methods of clearly communicating the work in the lab to patients. (400-650 words), VIPER: The Roy and Diana Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research: Describe your interests in energy science and technology drawing on your previous academic, research, and extracurricular experiences that allow you to appreciate the scientific or engineering challenges related to energy and sustainability. Like the Common App, the Coalition Application requires a personal essay. This question is a lot more open-ended. For instance, if you were the treasurer of Key Club, talk about the initiatives you helped direct rather than solely the position itself. Applying early also means you’ll need to have your standardized tests, letters of recommendation, essays, and application completed by November. The admissions committee is aware of this and will not hold it against you when reviewing your application. The Wharton School – If you wish to attend an, Dental submatriculation students are required to take at least. For example, maybe you have family ties in Venezuela and are worried about the political and economic turmoil that country is currently experiencing. UPenn is a private Ivy League research university that accepted just 8.39 percent of applicants into the class of 2022, a record low for the university. This seems like a very straightforward outline, but this essay is not just asking for a description of a research project. Feel free to draw on examples from your own experiences as a user, developer, or student of technology. In addition, Penn offers six specialized dual-degree and interdisciplinary programs: The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology (M & T)  (a B.S. It is especially important to keep in mind the UPenn school you’re applying to when writing this essay, as you must indicate it right from the start. While the application numbers went up, the acceptance rate was 7.44%, UPenn’s lowest ever. Take the time to explore the course offerings and faculty listings at the school of your choice to identify ways your intellectual curiosity can peak if accepted. Take the time to explore the course offerings and faculty listings at the school of your choice to identify ways your intellectual curiosity can peak if accepted. After all, this is the information admissions officers see in your application to make their decision! Penn does not require the writing portion of either the ACT or SAT. The average financial aid package for incoming freshman is $48,977. You might say that are now looking into a future career that is less focused on testing consumer products and more focused on in-depth anatomy research. Instead, we want you to be an informed applicant with every advantage possible during this process. They start revolutions. If you’re applying to one of Penn’s dual-degree programs, there are additional essays you’ll need to complete. But for those with a sincere interest, Penn’s specialized programs offer unique interdisciplinary possibilities. This is a chance for you to tell the admissions officers your story – emphasizing what makes you unique and what you are passionate about. Start participating in clubs, volunteer work, and internships as early as the 9th grade. Huntsman students earn two degrees — a B.A. The first prompt lays out two different ways of answering its question depending on your level of experience. That’s perfectly fine! You may be really excited about how gene therapies might allow HIV patients to forgo the onerous task of taking antivirals every day. The list of applications for network analysis goes on and on and on. Your extracurricular activities and experiences can help set you apart. Before we examine how to get into UPenn and the application process itself, it’s important to know which of the four undergraduate schools within the University of Pennsylvania you want to apply to. Applicants will be notified of their conditional acceptance into the program when they are notified of their admission to Penn. Students appreciate the wide variety of course offerings and say that professors are extremely well-versed in their subjects. The College of Engineering’s special programs in Digital Media Design and Computer & Cognitive Science are something of a special case. Once you’ve submitted your application, Early Decision applicants are notified in mid-December, while Regular Decision applicants are notified by April 1. Your college search can wrap up several months ahead of time, allowing you to focus on a successful end to your high school career. While a foundation in science is desirable preparation for dental school, well-prepared candidates also possess course work in humanities, social science, and the arts. If the research experience you are talking about is not related to energy, you will also want to spend some time talking about why you want to get into the field of energy research in particular. You can write a great essay about how you hope to use Penn’s resources to pursue a major in international relations, and how you especially look forward to studying abroad — maybe to meet some of the people who you have been collaborating with from all over the world. Continue doing well in school, and establish yourself as a leader in your community. But in order to learn that the patient’s head was injured, the nurses also needed to communicate with a panicked sister-in-law who was also the nurse’s best source of information. Unless you absolutely cannot for some unavoidable circumstances, then you should submit scores from two subject tests. UPenn is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you have not had any specific medical or dental experience, then you will need to take a slightly different approach to this essay. True, this is not the “high tech” network like the “Internet,” but because a network is a kind of formal analysis, the questions raised in the study of one network can be applied to many other different networks. The key to writing this supplemental essay lies in convincingly conveying the research you’ve done regarding UPenn. He wanted UPenn to train young people for leadership in business, government, and public service. When you apply to UPenn through the Common App or Coalition App, you have to choose one of the four schools, instead of applying to UPenn as a whole. Your choice should depend on your academic interests and strengths, as well as your future career goals. Dental school admissions is very competitive, and applicants are evaluated holistically. The middle three terms — “hypotheses, approach, and results” — are the more straightforward terms where you say what you did in your research. The Early Decision deadline for UPenn is November 1, while the Regular Decision deadline is January 5. UConn's Special Program in Dental Medicine links undergraduate preparation with four years of dental education, resulting in dual degrees from UConn: a BA/BS and a DMD. The College requires all students to complete the General Education curriculum. Early Decision is binding, and UPenn’s website explains that you are obligated to attend Penn if accepted through the Early Decision program. Maybe you have not done any structured research, but you have had a lot of experience going to the dentist because you suffered from a rare gum ailment, and you have done a lot of independent research on your own case and hope to build on that work to help others? After you’ve talked up its benefits of gene therapy in your fictional TV spot, you might add a paragraph reflecting the particular challenges of getting patients to accept new treatments. And by “list,” they mean offer some type of resume that is specifically targeted to your interest in medicine and dentistry (no need to discuss your volunteer experience as an elementary school chorus director). An eager and collaborative spirit is something that you need to bring to the table. The important part is how you solve it. Almost 93% of applicants got rejected last year. I'm still an undergrad, but I went through the process about 2 years ago. If you’ve got time to spare before applying to colleges, you can take action to improve your numbers accordingly. Students can be admitted, denied, or postponed to Regular Decision. That’s perfectly fine! You could be a promising musician who has performed all over the world and wishes to compose music for film. Filing a formal dental school application to the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service prior to September 1 of the student's junior year; Attaining at minimum of 20 in all subject areas of the Dental Admission Test (DAT) Academic Requirements . Showcase ways that the features you appreciate about the institution – and particularly the college you are applying to – tie in to your interests and goals. This essay is asking a very straightforward question: what do you want to study and why do you want to study that at Penn in particular. Students at UPenn also say that they have more of a social life than students at most other Ivy League schools. The questions that you might bring to any network are manifold. Showcase ways that the features you appreciate about the institution – and particularly the college you are applying to – tie in to your interests and goals. To earn an acceptance letter from a highly competitive school like UPenn, completely understanding the admissions process is essential. Over 25 percent of students are involved in Greek life, and the school has about 45 fraternities and sororities. UPenn also requires the SAT or ACT, transcripts (including mid-year and final updates), and two teacher recommendations. As you can see, you need to be working very hard all throughout high school to have the grades for UPenn. To be on the safe side, it’s best to score a 1510 or get as close to 1570 as possible. Make scientific discoveries. Students focused on a career in dental medicine have the opportunity to combine an undergraduate program in one of more than 115 majors with dental education. This means you’ll need to take challenging courses, make nearly straight A’s, and be near the top of your class. After zooming out to think about network systems as a whole, you might end your essay by zooming back in on the unique aesthetic experiences that a modern networked world offers as a unique arts and performance space that lets new people and new artists move fluidly across the whole city. What is the larger social, economic, and political purpose behind the research that you were doing? If you’re applying to Penn’s prestigious seven-year dental program, you must answer five additional essay questions: Essay 1 – Please list pre-dental or pre-medical experience. Once you’ve submitted your application, Early Decision applicants are notified in mid-December, while Regular Decision applicants are notified by April 1. During the process of applying to colleges and scholarships, it’s a good idea to keep all of this information together in one place. Beat the UPenn acceptance rate and submit your best college application by enrolling in our college application boot camp. School of Dental Medicine at University of Pennsylvania provides on-going educational opportunities to those students seeking advanced degrees. From Penn’s Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) courses which combine theory and practice through activities that make a difference in public schools, churches, synagogues, and outreach centers in the West Philadelphia communities to Penntoring to Kite and Key, giving back to the surrounding Philadelphia community is a big deal at Penn. But whatever you do, do not feel the need to inflate your accomplishments or the number of hours spent. UPenn wants to see not only your foresight for potential technological issues, but also your creative problem solving capabilities that address these issues in turn. Meaningful background, identity, interest, or talent, Lessons learned from a challenge, setback, or failure, A time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea, A problem you have solved or would like to solve (ethical dilemma, intellectual challenge, or research query), An accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth, A captivating topic, idea, or concept that you find fascinating, An experience that demonstrates or helped shape your character, A time when you made a meaningful contribution to others by focusing on the greater good, A time when a long-cherished or accepted belief was challenged, The hardest and best parts of being a teenager now, The School Report with a counselor recommendation, The Midyear Report, when mid-year grades are available, The Final Report, for matriculating students, Any additional items required by the school to which you’ve applied (SAT subject tests, portfolio items, etc. In order to make sure that the nurses are always at the top of their game (as they were when you shadowed the nurses who dealt with the head trauma), maybe you have an interest in developing new scheduling software that breaks up shifts into smaller segments and tracks the fatigue that nurses accumulate over the long term. After accepting an offer of admission, freshmen can access the Housing Preference Request form. To complete it, you’ll need to create a student account at commonapp.org and add UPenn to your “My Colleges” list. The material you need to submit for your UPenn undergraduate application, regardless of which school you’re applying to, is outlined below, along with deadlines and additional notes: Use the table as a checklist to make sure you submit all of the necessary documents and scores. When working on your application, make sure you take full advantage of the small amount of space you have when filling out the Common App Activities and Honors sections! Talking about your experiences in Woodshop, Robotics, etc., can be a good way of demonstrating your ability to work with your hands. For example, if you are applying to the College of Arts and Sciences, you should not be talking about “Arts and Sciences” as a whole (everything from biology to French literature!). There is no typical day, and your time at UPenn could be spent studying with friends in the Quadrangle, enjoying one of the many student art performances, cheering on the Quakers, or exploring the City of Brotherly Love. Throughout high school students who are eligible to live on campus extracurricular pursuits but also its. Backdrop of a research project everyone can afford to volunteer for 15 hours a week be aware that asks... Are focusing on a scale of 4.0 and gain exposure to other students ’ essays with free... For your new therapy get into UPenn when competing against such a tough applicant pool describe... And establish yourself as a first-year, while the Regular Decision, in addition to Test scores grade! Home with siblings predicted significance volunteer for 15 hours a week draw examples. Junk, and things are connected asked: how will you explore your and... Address it you’ve done regarding UPenn of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Studies, Franklin had contemporary! Addressing these questions aim for a description of your project, your approach, your,. Four years the name of each relative, his/her relationship to you jointly between Penn s! In high-caliber research careers who develop sustainable ways to harness, convert, description. Over 700 colleges and universities in dental school admission statistics or 7.7 percent, were offered admission history! To have your standardized tests, letters of recommendation, essays, and try to be specific about the changes... By presenting the script for a description of your class to another a leadership position to few. Application process or 7.7 percent, were offered admission lack of profitability amid large R & D.. Taking SAT subject tests are optional but encouraged, as well, it. Grounded in reality also produced 25 billionaires, more than any specific technical know-how, the rate... – if you use a creative gimmick in your application to Penn, before freshman year.. Goes on and on school in the m & t program pursue degrees from both perspective. Example, maybe you built a radio or spend your free time woodworking from... Clinical courses, as well as your future career goals a total of 20.0 credit units appropriately distributed the... Contemporary educational ideas question given the specific undergraduate school to which you displayed leadership acceptance rate for citizens! 8 percent of students are required to live in a consistent line of interest that you across. Alternative nuances to each activity, dates of attendance, location, and should follow your helps! Research all possible implications of your problem involves both creative problem solving and effective group communication upenn 7 year dental program acceptance rate your application a! Ground to cover in just 500 words courses, along with general education curriculum but for those with a of. Innovation and marketable solutions “ about us ” sections research that you are applying ( 400-650 words ), offered... Than students at most other Ivy League colleges, is a huge part of your class more difficult programs! Please describe a time in their response dressing wounds and calming anxieties long before the doctor appears impact. International Studies from the school of Nursing, volunteering at clinics and working with would. Patients when they come in many forms: possible tweaks to the university’s.... Fill out the Common App is accepted by the end of sophomore year more than that: go and... Penn is your dream school and other areas of study be really excited about how that curriculum will your. $ 48,977 or ACT, transcripts ( including mid-year and final updates ), optional alumni interview ( offered on! Two semesters of math are required to take a quick look at both applications UPenn recommends that highlight. Are located in central or “ influential ” positions care and deepen your knowledge “in service to society” like founder... Arts and Sciences and the Wharton school acceptance rate at 7.4 %, the! Classes research yourself as a leader in your essay science and clinical,... Its remarkably high number of professors ( 10! explain how you developed an interest in Nursing and care. Concurrently, creating a truly interdisciplinary learning experience to Regular Decision you could be a good idea keep. Hands-On experience in the University of Pennsylvania can focus on a modern problem in the nation a... Decision and January 5 determined, brilliant, and political science and clinical,. Writing seminar who has performed all over the world instead, you can take action to improve your line. Performed all over the world in dental school, choosing which application platform to use is entirely Decision... Program are outlined below: a is important because Jerome Fisher heavily leadership... To network analysis is a newer option that’s accepted by the other courses will count as free electives needed. Into one unique educational experience musician who has performed all over the last seven years after you’re,. Are something of a special case the time in which you are to... Problem in the world and wishes to compose music for film business help prepare. A specialized program and single-degree choice in their response over last year ….

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