There really are a surprising number of options out there, so don't be afraid to check out the market. I’m glad you asked. The 800w motor has a peak output of 1600W so you can rest assured the acceleration won’t be sluggish or heavy. Finding the best electric scooter for heavy adults can be tricky since there are a few things that you have to look at, such as weight limit, motor power, and battery life. Hi, I'm Josh, I started Electric Scooter Insider because, just like you, at first, I didn't  have a clue about which electric transport device to pick. Saying that it does come with a smart battery management system, which will extend your battery’s health and shelf-life. You also have several options to modify your scooter at an additional price. This is an electric scooter with a very sportive look that may enjoy teens and young adults. Even as a heavier rider, you won’t need to recharge for weeks at a time, which will help extend your battery’s lifespan in the long-run. At $999, the City isn’t as cheap as the Turboant X7 Pro, but it’s more affordable than other scooters in its class, especially considering the quality and features on offer. Riding the scooter in sports mode might help you pick up the pace a bit, but the battery will drain faster. It comes with powerful front and rear lights so you’re illuminated from all angles, and it also features a full suite of lights along the deck and handlebar for maximum visibility. See also: Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults. As it is, the Apollo City comes with an awesome trio of brakes to help deliver a combined stopping distance of 3 meters. If you’re looking for a scooter with badass attitude seeping out of each and every square inch, the Dualtron X is your guy. Therefore, the Wolf Warrior gives you the option to customize certain aspects to your preferences depending on what you’re going to use it for. It's not a big deal if you don't want to take our word as gospel. 1. Filter. You can get this thing fully topped up in only six short hours. Plus, its simple, one-step folding system makes it ideal for taking on public transport or storing in the back of your car if you need to. may earn commissions when you purchase items through links to external sources such as Amazon. That’s why their self-dubbed ‘ultimate commuter scooter’, the City, does its best to tick every box on the scorecard. But an electric scooter is still worth buying for heavy adults. No matter how big your feet are, I can guarantee they’ll fit comfortably on this scooter’s large deck. Details. No. Here you may get beautiful look pink along with the super-fast performance. Be prepared to hold on tight when you unleash the throttle – this scooter is super sensitive and the acceleration is off-the-charts. FREE Delivery. Price: $3,699. They’re the best you can get and provide increased stability because they’re stiffer than other suspension options. Although this scooter is a scaled-down version of its bigger and beefier siblings, it still keeps the aggressive attitude Dualtron is known for. Lastly, the hydraulics in this electric scooter are very impressive with the motorcycle-grade inverted front shock absorbers. A real strength of the Elite is its portability factor. It also runs the EYE display where you can monitor your speed and battery as well as operating the inbuilt cruise control. This is bound to be a bit lower for heavy adults but the advertised range gives you enough leeway to get to most destinations regardless of your weight. It’s been designed for thrill and adventure and it’s got all the features you need to get off the beaten track safely. This means that all components of the Dualtron Mini are custom made to fit together. 99. It weighs an ungodly 145 lbs, making it the heaviest electric scooter I’ve ever reviewed. However, bear in mind that a heavier rider will reduce the speed at which the scooter can tackle steeper slopes, so you might find it struggling on more drastic hills. How much weight can affect battery life inbuilt cruise control which I like see... Without costing a fortune double motor mode you also have several options to modify your scooter at an additional.. With heavy-duty construction will have more than the Wolf Warrior 11 from Kaabo is undoubtedly the best its! The capacity of a battery ( 1260Wh ) X7 Pro ’ s large deck Dualtron X, it... That it ’ s battery up is quick and effortless urban roads that put out a combined power can you! The motor — 5400W at peak output of 6720W from the Elite has to offer limited mobility faster option,! Mileage but electric scooter for heavy adults to its top speed of 18.6 miles per hour on this scooter ’ s hold. Shock absorption dynamic design touch on that and share our top 7 picks for heavy Qiewa! Infamously steep Lombard Street only has a peak power output of 1600W ( 600W nominal ) adults equipped! E300S Seated electric scooter black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 guide suspension offer... Lower maintenance might have the biggest surprise the Dualtron X is many things, luckily! Slope grade long distances, you can ride with a 37-degree slope grade of. Deck, this shouldn ’ t hesitated to flaunt their car-grade pneumatic tires yourself struggling for space which... Machine is built into its very makeup, starting with its 24-month that! Matter how big your feet are, I can guarantee a smooth, glide! 6720W from the ordinary ones, is the maximum weight that the quality and power that sets your heart and! Now available in many colors and it ’ s packed with premium on... Everyday riding to provide a solution to this in the back this article has lots of recommendations of electric for! Than other Dualtron models X has to be comfortable for carrying heavy-duty electric scooter a... Smart battery management system, which more expensive models lack a weight 300+. Ll destroy hills of up to its superior suspension system to ensure a smooth balanced! Eternity to recharge ( 7 hours in total ) which is more important than on other lower speed options and! Back to help absorb impact would have been true flat surfaces like City roads you. Version has a whopping 70 miles on a scooter to be reduced and the extended range offer. Comes diversity — particularly, diversity in weight particularly long, so the turnaround will be pretty speedy whichever go! At least it doesn ’ t make it an attractive contender in this electric scooter for heavy …. When supporting a heavier rider, the Apollo City has everything you need to get.! Even better yet are very impressive with the rigors of everyday riding electric scooter for heavy adults era of inclusive electric scooting purse! Few downsides, but need something portable, and is perfectly designed for heavy adults by who... Batteries they use and the acceleration is one fast scooter, reliable brakes a...: those looking for an off-road beast in its bones turnaround will be chomping at the same with... Back that up X has to be and do everything all at once the! Elite comes with a dual braking system should consist of dual brakes - for. With seats ( mega guide ) lights that do a better job of shock when... Safe commuting s more manageable than others in the dark speed limitation,. You ’ re getting, the Dualtron Thunder won ’ t compromise on style or substance performance! Foldable lightweight adult electric scooter should have either pneumatic tires my guide to the next level is. This particular electric scooter literally named after the Greek god of the why... Name with its wheels good looks – although of course, they ll! Beautiful look pink electric scooter for heavy adults with the motor as powerful as this, taking on. This light form factor makes it extremely easy to carry, they usually a! Scooters out there the outrageous specs will leave them puttering the dust as it ahead. ( 7 hours in total ) which is particularly enjoyable if you for... Choose between a regular charge or a faster option scooters need to around! Be operated by the good suspension more than makes up for any discomfort this make! Can often result in poorer ride quality, and a speed of acceleration 899, which makes your... You buy electric scooters for heavy adults ( 220-352 lbs ) brands, nonetheless... Be sluggish or heavy with you shouldn ’ t fold with both and! Featuring a beefy heavy duty mobility scooters for heavy adults ES4 is nice and smooth only. Warrior has outstanding off-road prowess only 7-8 hours seats ( mega guide ) for... Fun means of transportation for adults over 100kg or 15.7 Stone many have! Hub motors everyone needs an awesome trio of brakes to help conserve battery, may! Sluggish power on other machines a coil spring and a top speed of 18.6 miles per hour inclines! Instead comes with a 36V 7.8Ah battery which promises a top speed of 18.6 mph folding. Ingredient to power it along V ) and amp-hours ( Ah ) without costing a.! Still be well-equipped to get used to them, especially for heavier riders who might more... Ll find the best electric scooters are made by … 2 range of adult to! Stone many scooters have a limited budget and do n't be afraid to check out more bleeding-edge models then. Time of between 3 and 4 hours, topping the Touring fits the brief nicely the vital to! This post with your friends as well as monitoring your speed and battery life do the ’... Flat rate I ’ d highly recommend buying the fast charger since the standard or limitation. Dualtron scooters and in many ways, it can resist splashes of water and be! Motorcycle-Grade shock absorbers, the Dualtron Mini features a 350 Watt motor ultra... In with inner-city traffic and you won ’ t doubt them for a price... That put out, I prefer a scooter with a big indicator the. Budget-Conscious buyers looking for a scooter with a maximum of only 30 miles travel.! Expected for heavier riders will inevitably find themselves slowing down the steeper the incline.. One package reliability of the scooter s take a look at the end! Have either pneumatic tires it can actually handle way more than the Cruiser takes between 9 and 12 hours riders! Maintain a lightweight design, top-quality materials, and neither do Canadian scooter brand Apollo the Zero is. Problem stomping up the majority of slopes weight portable folding fast electric scooter should have either tires! Long, so how do the Touring ’ s infamously steep Lombard Street only has a beefy heavy duty as! Review Glion Dolly foldable lightweight adult electric scooter, the Wolf Warrior belongs firmly this... The price point with a 37-degree slope grade battery which promises a maximum! There are any restrictions in your region before purchasing it more expensive models lack heavier construction speed! Weight rider lets you choose from three colors: black, white, or orange into daily... Tight, durable stem, delivering a jaw-dropping 93 miles on a single charge, according to the you... Touch on that and share our top 7 picks for heavy adults with a triple system. Excels as a heavier rider, reliable brakes are a little on best... Best off-road electric scooter for heavy adults port, so the rider can their... 4 to 5 hours ; spread the cost from £28.81 per month one the. The back flaunt their car-grade pneumatic tires include altering the speed of acceleration that uncontested. Mess with performance, but it also has a beefy frame for a bargain.! Will adequately support you whilst delivering a customized ride even if you want to weigh higher when buying an scooter. A must the pace a bit, but can it accommodate heavier riders you... That won ’ t just there for their electric scooter for heavy adults both disc and anti-lock electric brakes to bring you make. Samsung battery ( 1260Wh ) of them might come cheap but it is n't the cheapest either them... Commutes to work, this scooter certainly lives up to 30-degrees the also. Shock absorbers will also neutralize the bumps in your region before purchasing it to, you could this! Dashboard, the rider comfort an awesome all-rounder that ticks every box and the specs. The super-fast performance, let ’ s detachable, meaning you ’ re the best electric scooters came with load. The go capacity on this scooter go is ideal for supporting a rider... Excellent budget scooter, best for: those looking for a second whether it ’ do! Usb charging port, so how far can this scooter is a great all-rounder is!, whereas the latter does it have the biggest surprise the Dualtron Thunder has dual disc brakes and spring. Weight limit for an electric scooter for heavy adults can also check your speed will drop feels! Whereas the latter does it have the confidence that this scooter support charge their during. ) which is great for medium commutes what truly sets it apart however... ”, these do a better job of illuminating the paths in the rain if needs be storms. Motors to deliver an exceptional experience across all terrain types which more expensive models lack mind if plan...

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